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Brainstorming Best Practices

How to Optimize Ideation

The research-backed timing & techniques our toolset enables to brainstorm better

Optimize Timing 


Most brainstorms start & end here, losing the full value of creativity

Start Solo


Gather a Group

Back to Solo


Maximum Creativity

Avoid group biases to capture unique first impressions 

Create synergy through collaboration with lateral prompts

Give time for the subconscious to continue processing

Optimize Technique 


Innovation Topic

Creativity thrives on constraints. Topics frame the conversation to help focus creativity in a relevant direction.
University of Amsterdam supporting research



Without a variety of prompts, our brains default to personal experience to ideate from - but it's hard to think differently with the same context you're use to.
Chicago Booth supporting research



The human brain is much better at reacting to and improving existing ideas than creating new ideas from scratch. Our GenAI takes a first pass at ideation so you have a starting point to iterate from.

Brainstorm Better Gameplay page example

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