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Unlock Your Team's Innovative Potential

Our interactive games challenge beliefs & change perspectives to prompt new ideas for your business

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Experience Brainstorm in 1-min

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Collaboration tools ≠ Ideation tools

Both are essential, but ideation precedes collaboration 

Whiteboards and sticky notes just document ideas, they don’t prompt novel new ones


Overcome Group Biases

Because idea quality ≠ presentation eloquence

  • Extend ideation past workshops, giving non-verbal processors time to think

  • Avoid getting stuck on the first good idea presented

  • Engage more participants than can fit in an workshop 

Brainstorm Group
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The best of live facilitation

Available anywhere, anytime

Play a variety of games that challenge & prompt users’ thinking toward net new ideas


Collaborate with secure, generative AI

Provides custom prompts + responses

Never struggle with starting from a blank canvas for your brainstorm again

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Filter & favorite the top ideas

Find the most promising concepts based on prompt, person, game or keyword

Easily compare and download ideas to share & act on your next big innovation


Unlock the innovative potential of your organization

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